On this page, you can find everything you need to get started building your 737NG cockpit simulator. From dimensions, wiring diagrams, parts for CNC or laser and 3d printed parts for download.

737 MIP 

All parts dealing with the MIP only:

Monitor Type & Size

Panel Designs and Dimensions

3D Printables

737 MIP Build Plans


This simple supporting structure is designed to hold the MIP at the correct height and angle. The supporting braces have been placed externally to allow a clean interior finish ready for all the cockpit item to be installed.

737 MIP Structure Assy

737 Front Windows

Here you find the basic dimensions to produce a perfect fitting sim. They are super simple to create, being constructed from 18mm MDF. There are a few angles to get right, but nothing too taxing. These fit exactly to the sidewalls and sidewindows here at They also help support the overhead structure if you decide to build that far.

737 front window plans

737 MIP Knee Panels

This section contains:

Panel Dimensions

Fusion 360 Designs

3d Printables

737 Knee Panel plans

737 Glareshield

This Section Contains:

Glarewing Design and Dimensions

Glare Shield Design and Dimensions



Warning Panels

737 Glareshield Plans

737 FMC Console

This section contains:

The FMC Console dimension and plans

FMC 3D Printed Design

Lower EICAS Panels

737 FMC Console plans

737 Rudder Pedals

This section contains:

The 737 Rudder pedal dimension and plans

3D printed STL's

Fusion 360 Design

737 Rudder Pedal_Assy

Boeing 737 Pedestal

This section contains:

The Boeing 737 Pedestal and Fire Panel Enclosure

3D printed STL's

Fusion 360 Design