737 Control Heads

This page details how to build both the single and dual control Boeing 737 Yoke Control Heads and the parts required.

Both units are designed to be 3d printed completely. The Dual control Yoke heads can have the gears substituted for metal gears listed below. 

Both units are designed to give zero backlash. The single Yoke control head incorporates the roll potentiometer and centring/force spring. The dual control yoke head is simply a gearbox with external centring unit and force feedback.

The Boeing 737 Control Heads are printed in Dark Grey PLA.

Both the single and dual control heads were designed to fit into standard 80mm PVC drain pipe

These units can be produced on a standard 3D printer bed size of 220 x 220mm.


Single 737 Yoke Control Head


Dual 737 Yoke Control Head

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