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On this page, you can find everything you need to get started building your 737NG cockpit simulator. From dimensions, wiring diagrams, parts for cnc or laser and 3d printed parts for download.

MIP Size

The size of the MIP (Main Instrument Panel) is standard at 1515mm by 350mm. 

I have increased the size of the MIP back plate to hide the bottom of the monitors and allow for the knee panels to be attached as shown below. Everything above the half dome rail is standard 737size.


The most important part of creating the 737 MIP is the monitors that sit in the unit. I used the following 3 monitors:

  • Qty2 1366 x 768 pixel, 18.5" monitors (Capt/FO: ND & PFD)

  • Qty 1 14", 4:3 monitor for upper EICAS.

Removing the plastic case helps reduce edge clearances and allows for a slimmer fit.

Be careful, this might expose high voltage contacts and the chance of electrocution increases with the surround casing off.

The MIP face panels make the unit look like the real aircraft. The first sim I created all my own panels, using my own CNC machine. This was an immense feeling of satisfaction knowing I could build any panel I wanted. I went through several revisions and of course lots of errors! I have also found that having a 3D printer really helps in creating parts.


Looking back, if you add the cost of the CNC, router bits, the price of the perspex sheets, paint and time. Sometimes its easier just to purchase Pre-made kits. One drawback I have found of buying Pre-made panels is, you have to do it there way or you might find things that need adjustment or tweaking. I have included a webpage from www.Cockpitsimparts.co.uk for price comparison

DIY build or Buy?

Which ever way you chose, compare prices and see which works for you. Please bear in mind you would also need to buy all the electrical components to create working panels which will add a further £100 to the price. Below are all the details to create your own MIP.



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