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-  Switches & Buttons

Programming Mobiflight & Prosim for switches & Buttons is very similar to the procedure for LEDS. The general settings for most situations for LED/Switches & Buttons is to use FSUIPC 8 Bit U (unsigned). As previously stated, this allows each 4 digit hexadecimal value to utilise its 8 bits for devices showing a state as on or off.


Open Prosim Config Page, Find the Switch you want to connect.

For example, I have chosen Landing gear Up.

I’m going to assign the next free offset Hex code: 66C1.0

Select: FSUIPC 8 BIT U




The free Offset range for home use is:


Another Offset range for 3rd party software use is:


And finally don't forget to check the FSUIPC documentation for standard offset source settings.

Once the data has been entered, open Mobiflight and select the extras tab,

Select settings - Mobiflight Modules.

Add the switch (also known as Button) and assign the pin that has the connected switch/button.

In our test example its pin 7.


Don’t forget to Upload before pushing OK.
Select in the Inputs tab, enter the description and 
click edit.


On the edit screen,

Forget about the precondition tab (in this example)
and select the Input Tab. Chose the Arduino Board, and Device (switch). 

Select  Action Type: FSUIPC Offset

Enter the offset: 66C1

Enter the Set Value to:   1 (on when Pushed)

                                                      0 (off when Pushed)               

Select the Mask value button, and deselect all but the required bit.

Bit 0


Select OK,

But unlike LEDS we now need to state whathappens when the switch button is released.
Select the On release Tab.
Enter all the same data as the; On press Tab,
But in this tab we Set Value to 0.


Press OK,

Select the active check box from the Input Screen,
And press run.

Now when pressed, Prosim reacts to the button press.

Repeat with any more switches/buttons you require.
Selecting a different bit number and hex address bit on each new line.

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