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With 100% all working functions

$38 737 MCP BUILD 

Build Tutorial for Mobiflight & Prosim using Ardunio Mega

737 $38 DIY MCP Front View.PNG

This build is if you want a cheap fully operationally Boeing 737 MCP. It has been designed to be the simplest build possible. With this balance between ease of build and authenticity, some of the components have been moved from there actual realistic positions, but will still produce an awesome working and looking unit. I have created it as the same external dimensions as the real unit so later on you can replace it if needed. This is also the same design as seen on the Website YouTube Channel.

737 $38 DIY MCP Back View.PNG

MCP Components List - With Cost Listings

737 DIY MCP Parts.PNG

Here you can see the actual cost of parts and what components you need to assemble the 737 DIY MCP. Im not going to put links in, because they go out of date to quickly, but you should be able to find all these parts on Ebay. Do not worry if you cannot find the exact components such as the KD2 Momentary switches, there are plenty of different looking buttons that will do the job. Look around and find something that you think, will look good and suits your budget.



kd2 Momentary Push Buttons


I bought these push buttons over 4 years ago. After the YouTube video, these became a very popular request. I didn't even know what they were called at the time. I have been unable to find them on

However, revealed lots of them. Some sites they are customisable by switch and led colour!

Just remember, you want Momentary and not latched!

737 MCP Parts List Cost.PNG

These prices are from 2015 when I first assembled the MCP. As time passes these prices may differ.

These are parts that were mainly were ordered on from china.

When looking, try to buy in bulk of packs 10 or 20. This really helps bring the price down. 

Creating the MCP Faceplate 

$38 737DIY MCP plan 1.png
$38 737DIY MCP plan 2.png
$38 737DIY MCP plans 3.png

Most people do not have a CNC machine, But if you do. You can download the Fusion360 file here:

Another option is to Hand cut the face-plate and back-plate from Perspex or MDF. 

The face plate is constructed from 3mm perspex or MDF


The Base plate is constructed from 5mm perspex or 6mm MDF.

You can easily print the design and stick it to the perspex or MDF. Printing sticky labels for the buttons will also increase the overall looks of the unit.

The final option is to 3d print the MCP plates:

Fusion Design for 3D printing the Faceplate:

737 DIY MCP CNC.png
737 $38 DIY MCP Photo.JPG

Creating the MCP Baseplate

Use the Plans below to create the base-plates if you have to manually create them:

737 diy mcp baseplate plans 1.PNG
737 diy mcp baseplate plans 2.PNG

Install the Components

737 MCP 7 segment install.PNG
7 seg install 1.png

Remembering that this design utilises the Blue coloured PCB's (Different coloured PCB have different sizes). Solder the header pins on backwards, so they protrude from the rear rather then the front. 

Attach the PCBs using QTY 2, M2 screws in opposite sides. There really is no need to use the full four screw holes. 

Set the distance of the displays with washers between the Back baord and the PCB.

Install Pins on 7MAX7219.png
Wiring Rotary Switches
737 MCP Baseplate

Mount the various switches in there recesses and tighten the nuts.

The nuts should be below the back plate surface to prevent interference.

Remember, the two momentary switches are for the Auto pilot disconnect!

With the face-plate, install the encoders and rotary switches. Tighten slightly to prevent movement. 

You may have to drill small holes in the faceplate (carefully) if your components having locking lugs, or remove the lugs with a file.

737 MCP Faceplate.PNG
737 MCP led Install.PNG

Install QTY (3), 5mm LEDS into the unit. Secure with glue if required

Mount the various switches in there recesses and tighten the nuts.

The nuts should be below the back plate surface to prevent interference.

Remember, the two momentary switches are for the Auto pilot disconnect!

737 MCP Switch install.JPG
737 MCP DIY $38.JPG

Push the switches through the faceplate and back plate.

Wiring The Unit


This wiring Diagram shows how I connected my two Ardunios to the MCP. 

This can be used for both PMDG and Prosim utilising Mobiflight as the interface software.


Wiring for Xplane and Sim Vim is done differently and this will not work.

Please you the wiring videos for the MCP on Youtube if you need further information. 

Just remember that all the grounds can daisy chained, especially between the two boards. 

The rotary switch is wired from one arduino pin to two pins on the switch allowing both directions to be utilized.

KD2 Wiring Diagram

The wiring Pin Out for the KD2 momentary switch can be found here

KD2 Switch Pin Out


12 Position Rotary Switch Pin Out

The wiring Pin Out for the switch can be found here

Programming The Unit

See the programming section in the menu

for more in-depth help.

These offsets are for the DIY MCP, and not the actual ones in my full sim or by PMDG!

config page.PNG
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