Sep 17

Glareshield Wings


I've been cutting the wing parts out on my CNC yesterday. I'm currently hung up on one part. I believe it's part 13. It's one of them listed at 12mm. On the fusion plan, it has the part tapering from 11.4 mm to approx 7 mm. I wanted to make sure this was correct before producing g-code to accommodate the slant of the part.




Good morning Steve, It's been that long since I made them, I had to find the design and check. It does require that slanted piece. I think it was to bring the head assy back to the correct angle. Kind Regards Karl

Sep 22

Awesome, thank you Karl. Those were my last two pieces to mill. Now that I think about it and looked back at your videos, I didn't see how the wings were mounted to the MIP. I wasn't quite sure how you mounted them. I was considering using some extra long screws to go through the MIP frame or perhaps use a mounting block on the inside of the MIP frame. I have a few ideas, but curious how you mounted yours.


Thanks again,


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  • Hello, need help choosing an appropriate 3D printer suitable for printing knobs......thanks
  • In building an MCP based on Karl's design, I had a real hard time coming up with a good source for the specific KD2-22 buttons required (black button with green LED). Finally, I reached out to several vendors on Aliexpress who carry similar buttons, and was able to find one that was willing to make the specific type for me. Just in case others are looking for a good source, here's the link to the specific vendor/switches I found: They don't show the black/green buttons, so you have to contact the vendor (via chat) and make the specific request. They were willing to do it for me if i ordered 2 lots (100 switches), but that's still a good deal (comes out to ~$0.45/switch with shipping to US). I got the switches and they seem to be of real good quality (good strong "springiness" in the momentary action), so I'm happy with them. Now, to find those 5-digit MAX7219 LED displays Karl found, only ones that will actually ship to the US...

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