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737 MIP CAD Design

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Hello Clark,

could you send me or tell me where I can find the CAD Design of the main panel. I can only find the PDF-version in the members area. And I would like to have the Design to have it cut out by CNC. Thanx and I really enjoy your build and tips along the way as I am about to start building my own 737 after years of planning.


Friendly greetings Jeroen

Hi Jeroen, These can be found in the shop under the MIP FUsion design section. You can simply create the cnc code from those, just like i did.


Kind regards



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  • HI Karl Great work how to add N S W E to the gps position on the IRS lcd panel. I know how to get the position via FSUICP from Prosim to mobifight, but can't figure out how mobiflight knows which direction regards Klaus
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  • Hey there! Been following for a while, great work! Your plans are amazing information, really hard to come by. I was wondering if you have plans for each overhead module, I've been able to get the general dimensions from online resources, but it has been really hard to track down the exact size and position for each hole, switch or indicator. Thanks for all your effort!

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