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IRS Panel


HI Karl

Great work

how to add N S W E to the gps position on the IRS lcd panel. I know how to get the position via FSUICP from Prosim to mobifight, but can't figure out how mobiflight knows which direction



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  • KD2-22 Wiring Help needed cant find any help at all? 2 + 2 1 1 0 - 0 Stumped? Regards Glen
  • Hey there! Been following for a while, great work! Your plans are amazing information, really hard to come by. I was wondering if you have plans for each overhead module, I've been able to get the general dimensions from online resources, but it has been really hard to track down the exact size and position for each hole, switch or indicator. Thanks for all your effort!
  • Karl, First post here, and I would like to start by thanking you for sharing your fantastic project and videos! You've created something amazing already and I'm sure it will get you a lot of attention in the very near future! After watching your videos, I have to try to emulate at least a tiny portion of your project - I'm hoping to start by building the MCP and the gear panel, and we'll see from there! I'm very well experienced with 3d printing, DIY electronics, etc, but until seeing your projects, I really had no use for a CNC router. I have to say that's changed and I've just finished building my own MPCNC router :-D While I figure out how to work this thing, I'd love to see some more information from you on how yo get your CNC'd panels looking so great. I'm talking the cuts, feed rates, depth of cut, the endmills you use, how you engrave text (I'm assuming small V-bits and multiple passes with different mills to cut the panel and then to engrave text?), the CAM software/settings you use, etc...All that information would be useful for many people, but especially for a newbie like me...a video on some of these things would be amazing! Again, thanks for sharing your projects with the flight sim community - as a fellow Youtuber and fan of open source projects, I'm excited to see your project & channel grow and evolve! -BK Hobby

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