$38 MCP Update

A massive thank you to Joachim Högväg, who spotted a CNC error in the $38 MCP faceplate. The line was raised for 3d printing instead on CNC engraving.

I have now corrected the mistake to the following:

It's at this point, I want to mention. No matter how small you find the mistake, please let me know. This will help so many others!

This design is free and made to be the simplest way I can to get you on your way! It also has to be the most satisfying Boeing 737 Build out there! Even if you don't own a CNC, there's a 3d print version, or you can just use your hand skills to cut the shapes out and use a label machine for the text.

Get the CNC design here:


Get the 3D print design here:


Importantly you need momentary

KD2-22 switches:


These come in many different colours, but the black with green LED's make your MCP look the part! This is a great price of $8 dollars for 10. (unfortunately, you need 14)

Take Care Guys, another thank you to Joachim!

Kind Regards


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