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New - 3D Printed 737 MCP

Hello all,

This is my working week looking after the 3 Bell 212's here in Brunei. This makes it difficult to answer all your questions using just my phone. Those that have been on this site a while, will testify that my fat fingers and predictive auto-text have created some major errors in articles that I have published. With that in mind, I rarely now use my phone for more than one line answers, where I can see the full sentence.

However, in my free time after or before work, I usually have many crazy ideas while out for a jog etc. Let me introduce you to a new design that got stuck in my head after the 3d printed FMC.

Say hello to the 3D printed 737 MCP:

This is basically a revisit of my old 38 DIY MCP. With my increased skills (hopefully) in CAD and 3d printing, I find myself once again trying to make things much simpler for those starting out. The $38 MCP was designed to be created on a CNC.

This remake is designed purposely to be 3d printed and take full advantage of that fact. I am now hoping this is going to be the easiest way to achieve a fully operational 737 MCP. This is how I achieved it:

1) All the buttons, switches and 7 segment displays are all automatically set at the correct depth by using a thicker than nor