New - 3D Printed 737 MCP

Hello all,

This is my working week looking after the 3 Bell 212's here in Brunei. This makes it difficult to answer all your questions using just my phone. Those that have been on this site a while, will testify that my fat fingers and predictive auto-text have created some major errors in articles that I have published. With that in mind, I rarely now use my phone for more than one line answers, where I can see the full sentence.

However, in my free time after or before work, I usually have many crazy ideas while out for a jog etc. Let me introduce you to a new design that got stuck in my head after the 3d printed FMC.

Say hello to the 3D printed 737 MCP:

This is basically a revisit of my old 38 DIY MCP. With my increased skills (hopefully) in CAD and 3d printing, I find myself once again trying to make things much simpler for those starting out. The $38 MCP was designed to be created on a CNC.

This remake is designed purposely to be 3d printed and take full advantage of that fact. I am now hoping this is going to be the easiest way to achieve a fully operational 737 MCP. This is how I achieved it:

1) All the buttons, switches and 7 segment displays are all automatically set at the correct depth by using a thicker than normal backplate. I increased the backplate thickness from 5mm to 7mm. This allows all components to sit at the correct height without the use of additional hardware.

2) The text is 4.2mm high. This prints perfectly with a 0.4mm nozzle as you can see.

3) Paused printing/Filament change can be used for the text. I used a paint marker which works exceptionally well with the larger text.

4) The units overall height and length has been increased by 8mm to allow the two halves to mesh with enough structural support.

5) I have kept the bank angle and HDG knobs separate for a much easier and cheaper build.

6) There is no physical splitting of the 7 segment displays, just fit them in location and they will be in a perfect position.

I have also added the 7 segment display shrouds which add to the aesthetics.

There are still a few issues to sort.

1) The off is in the wrong place for the FD switch

2) I forgot the screws to attach the front plate to the backplate

Also, there are a few takeaway notes I want to mention that will probably put a lot of people off:

It's 3d printed so I removed the backlighting in this starter unit.

It's a little bigger than normal in overall dimensions (so it will not fit in a standard MCP cutout.)

Let me state here, this is not designed to be a 100% replica of the real thing and has been adapted to take full advantage of the 3d printer. It will get you started in the easiest way possible with a fully functioning MCP.

I am also hoping to create a sexy backshell to finish the unit off and the two sections currently both fit on the Ender 3 print bed at a 45-degree angle.

If anyone has any further ideas on this MCP build, please let me know. Now is the time to mention them before it's complete. Moving forward, I hope to use my new dual Korry indicators in replacement of the KD-22 switches and remove the switch labels.

Thats all for now, and a quick update until the weekend when I get back to the sim build!

Kind regards


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