3d Printed Turbofan Engine

Hello guys,

In the last blog post, I mentioned the incredible build I had printing in the background while I was creating the motorised throttle guide.

It took around 7 days to print this engine, both using my Crealtity Ender 3 & CR10. I was actually looking for a 3d printable model of a 737 to use as a prop in some videos, but when I saw this design, I knew it was going to look cool. I wasn't even bothered if the twin-spool setup didn't work and it was just for show. However, it was all fully operational. Driven by a motor and not liquid fuel.

I started out with the compressor spool and as you can see I completely overdid it with the support structure. Every blade in the end did not need its own support. I got away with just supporting the very bottom ones. Once completed I want happy with the white of the resin print or the black from the filament. So I sprayed them metallic grey.

While the Resin printers were busy with all the rotor and stators, the filament printers were busy with the body and casing prints.

There were some truly impressive prints that came out. For that added eye-candy look, I used metallic filaments for the casings and exhausts. The designers have optimised this design to 3d printing perfectly and the design is ingenious. This is the first time I have used my printers for someone else's designs, and what I learned from this was how clever some people are, and I will certainly think about using these techniques in my future builds.

If you fancy watching the build of this Turbofan engine, it's now on youtube below:

If you would like to download the design free and print it for yourself, it can be found here:

The Design and STL's can be downloaded here for free: https://grabcad.com/library/high-bypass-engine-nacelle-1

A special shout out to the designers, Chris Shakal and Bob Wiley for their efforts.

Kind Regards, Karl

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