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3D Printing Liteflow Panels

Over the last year I have been impressed with my $100 3D printer. As many of you stated, the quality could be much better, but for me it's perfect and to be honest the only one I could get hold of here in Brunei. But its a proof of concept for me and can always be upgraded in the future if I ever come across one.

Many of you have asked if you can 3d Print my designs and mainly all the liteflow panels. I have thought about this for months, but never actually felt the desire to try. Then Paul Moss got in touch today and he had built my warning packs with a 3d printer. But was missing the etched wording lens/covers. Then I thought, well lets try this and see how I can help him out.

The first thing I did, was switch from engraving to raising the text from the panel design. This means it can be painted easily with a spray can. The test piece (6 Pack) was created from translucent PLA. At this point, you cant even see the raised text.

737DIYSIM prints a translucent PLA to highlight the printed text
Trying to 3d print a Boeing 737 Liteflow panel

Time to get the can of black spray paint out.