3d Resin Printing

Every now and then, Brunei surprises me. Getting parts and dedicated equipment to build a sim is every bit of a mission here. Then while scrolling Facebook, I see a post about a Creality shop in Bandar. Bandar is the Capital and about 100Km away from where I live.

The very next morning, I shot up in the car to see what they had available. The first thing that caught my eye was the resin printer. After checking the prices on the UK Amazon, Brunei was selling them much cheaper. I ended up purchasing the Creality LD-002R Resin Printer and the aptly named WD01 wash station. I also purchased 1L of resin for 80BND (40 Pounds). Not cheap!

Karl from 737DIYSIM next to his resin printers and wash station
The wash and cure stations

Once home I filled the vat and levelled the build plate. I then proceeded to print various parts of my EFIS that I had just designed. Starting with the knobs. They looked amazing, but problems soon became very apparent. The very first print was put in the UV light bay for 10 minutes to harden. This turned the white part brown and I had literally, sunburnt it. The Knobs also came out bigger than expected and the internal hole was way too small to fit on the shaft.

Resin print (Left) vs Filament print (Right) 737 EFIS Knobs
Resin print (Left) vs Filament print (Right) - 737 EFIS knobs

After printing some cylinders of various diameters, I learned:

1) The outside diameter of any object is always 0.2mm bigger than the fusion defined parameter.

2) The internal diameter of any receptacle is always 0.4mm smaller than the fusion defined parameter.

With this new armed knowledge, it was now easy to make parts fit once more. Next came the problem of dropping the parts or getting them off the build plate. They are super brittle!

If I hadn't had enough failures already, there was more to come. The learning curve was steep with this one lol. Let me show you what happens when you leave the uncured parts in the wash bath too long:

Resin printing mistakes - too long in the wash bath
Dissolving my my newly created masterpiece

They delaminate and turn to mush! Oops!

With that said, this has cost me 1L of resin to get used to the new build medium and it was a lot of fun. Its also much quicker than a filament printer with no penalty for multiple prints on the same platform.

Yesterday, I went back to Bandar and purchased a lot more Resin. Once home again, I got to test printing the new FMC buttons. These turned out great with perfect lightable text. The text is once again raised, painted black and then the raised text sanded lightly to remove the paint. Today this is how they turned out:

I was really pleased that I was able to produce all the FMC buttons in one go and it took under 30 minutes to create them with the printer.

Moving forward I should be able to combine these build mediums to produce some great looking parts! Im currently creating some further mods for the 737 Throttle. Watch this space!

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