737 3d Printed Motorised Throttle Unit (MTU) is out now.

SURPRISE! The MTU is now released! I can honestly say I am probably more surprised than you right now.

The MTU can be found here:


The Guides can be found here:


So why now? Only a few hours after the last blog? After receiving pictures of my unit for sale in Japan, I wasn't really surprised. Then pictures followed from China. I have started to get reviews from around the world on a product not yet released.

This actually puts a smile on my face even though I am disappointed (sad father face) it's doing really well and the reviews that come back to me are very satisfying. Even I admit these guys make my unit look good! They are using P3d as the controlling software as I am using Prosim. They have also been kind enough to leave the 737DIYSIM logo on the unit.

Regardless this unit is sturdy and feels epic compared to the V3 throttle. It's in a whole different ball game.

So before I could produce this post, I have just spent the last 5 hours in the workshop perfecting the final design to try and get ahead.

Want to take a sneak peek at the unit in question?

It's BEAUTIFUL! Well done and please now pay the commercial license that I spent the last few months getting organised! lol.

As you can see, you now know where to get a fully built working unit from!

Im off to sulk (joking), but if you want to download an honest build and almost a years worth of work click my links above (not the one in the photos). Only click them if you want a cheap pre-built unit with flaws! This is definitely the pre-mod version and I doubt ill be sharing the latest files anytime soon with non-buyers.

Enjoy the build guys, This is a cool build from your truly. Best Wishes Karl

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