737 3D Printed Starter Switch

It's done! This was a mission on day 4 when I thought I had it cracked, but then a fellow simmer pointed out that it needed to be changed to reflect the real aircraft operation. I think I printed more reprints than the original.

737DIYSIM working and proven design for the 737 3d printed starter switch
737DIYSIM 3d Printed Starter Switch


Here you will find my design as seen on my website and YouTube channel for the 737 Starter Switch. It has taken days of reprints and redesign to get good enough to share with the sim community.

This was designed to give back to my Patreons who support me. If you are a Patreon it's free at: https://www.patreon.com/737DIYSIM

Due to the high amount of requests its also available in the 737DIYSIM shop below to 3d print.

We have no postal service here, this means I can not send any pre-built units to people, unfortunately. (I'm also running very low on the 3d filament which I can no longer source). I'm very pleased with how this turned out in the end, the unit features an auto return solenoid, push to turn to GRD & no interference when turning the unit clockwise. The part also comes complete with the build guide, and wiring diagram. The unit is designed around a rotary switch and the upper section is the same dimensions as the original switch unit. This CAD design can be adapted to suit your sim needs. The design can be improved or be inspected within fusion. 3d prints of the components are selected by right-clicking the component you wish to print and save as STL. https://www.737diysim.com/p…/737-starter-switch-3d-printable

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