737 AFDS Update

Boeing 737 AFDS Panel

Hello everyone! Christer Henrohn got in touch and pointed out that if you insert the LED's all the way into the backplate, they interfere with the buttons and prevent the tactile switches from operating. I think I used hot glue to hold them in position (very crude).

The LED's have been moved rearwards away from the backs of the buttons

This was one of my first designs over 5 years ago. It was mainly designed to be created on my CNC. While I was looking at this design which has worked well over the years, I realised that this could be made much better. I don't have the time right now, to completely redesign the AFDS, but I have added the job to my update list.

In the meantime, I quickly redesigned the backplate and made a few changes. Now that 3d printing is available, the backplate can be 3d printed to meet the exact design criteria. I have added a 1mm ring around each led. This moves them further away from the button surface. Also instead of having multiple nuts as spacers, I have added the ferrules/spacers to the backplate. Below is the new backplate as a 3d printed option.

The new 737 AFDS 3d printed back panel

The CAD design can be found here in the shop:


A big thank you to Christer Henrohn once more.

Kind Regards,


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