737 Control Column prototyping Continues.

Hello all, It's been a really busy week here. Im now working full days during the week so sim time is minimal. In the evenings I spend most of my time answering questions on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and the website. That has left very little build time.

Today saw the first section of the yoke control system built, and the centring mechanism is operational but needs a few more tweaks until I'm super happy with it. Id love to add stronger springs or more springs. Adjustable tension, dampers and an adjustable centre point. But for a basic start, this puts a smile on my face. This is quite a gorgeous looking design in my opinion and with the components in different colours really accentuates the different build parts.

It's at this point I wanted to talk about this build and why I have taken this route. This will hopefully answer some of your questions and remarks over the different media platforms.

I live in Brunei, It's not like the west, Europe/USA where we have mail order and glorious hardware shops that are the size of a town here. My hardware store stocks about 6 different sizes of screws (which they sell out of faster than I visit daily) a few tools and one of colour of paint. My local metal supplier runs his shop from his back yard. If he doesn't have the metal I want, its tough luck. I have to improvise and adapt. It's only by sheer luck he had this scrap 2-meter length of PVC pipe which he tells me has been there since 1998. It was 80mm external diameter, and I know the real 737 column is 75mm diameter, but asking for a 75/76mm PVC would be like asking my 13-year-old son to explain quantum physics. So I accepted this gracious gift and worked my design around this measurement.

I have learned that while in Brunei unless you specifically know where to get something, its almost impossible to find it. Bruneians really don't use the internet to fully advertise yet. I ask my friends if they have seen this or that around town. Asking a local in a shop usually ends in the words "Finished Lah". On the other hand, I walked into a Tv repair shop last week looking for capacitors and they had the best selection of bearings I have ever seen! Who knew!

The biggest remarks I get is that 3d printing will not be strong enough for the controls and don't bother, you must create from aluminium or steel. I asked a local engineering firm to quote to manufacture this build, but it came in over 3000 bnd without revisions. (I think I could actually buy an FDS system for that and it would be perfect). I totally appreciate your remarks, but I honestly have no other option here at the moment if I want any controls at all. Let me see what I can do and what I can achieve with my limited resources. After all, this is a prototype and if it doesn't work, I will show you and move on. In fact, I must be on revision 50+ already. I will use these experiences to learn, find the limits of the materials and adjust my designs for the better in the future. Some of my more astute followers have already realised they can purchase the bevel gears in aluminium where they live. That's certainly going to make a big difference straight away. Others have commented they can replicate the shaft adapters on a lathe.

Now we're talking! People giving solutions, and not problems. Take my designs and improve on them.

Hopefully, we are all on the same song sheet now, and the reason why I have gone down the 3D printed route. Now let me show you what can be achieved! Just have to connect the other side for complete synchronization now. Take Care guys and thank you for all your support! It's been amazing these last few weeks! Karl

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