737 Control Yokes are out!

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Hi Guys! It's taken days to produce the build and part guides for the Boeing 737 Yoke Control Heads. I have released 3 versions:

Boeing 737 Dual Control Yoke Head

Boeing 737 Single Control Yoke Head

Boeing 737 Single & Dual Control Yoke Heads with Design adjustment for your parts.

All 3 can now be found in the webshop for purchase:


Boeing 737 Yoke control heads for 3d printing by 737diysim
Boeing 737 Yoke Control Heads (Single & Dual)

As the build guide suggests, these can be completely 3d printed (less hardware). Metal gears can be used if you can get hold of them, I have linked the gears in the build guide that my designs are based upon. The build and parts guides can now be found here:


All designs include the CAD Design files and dedicated STL files to get you going. Once completed and paired with the 737 3d printed Yokes, they look and feel awesome. The shafts are tapered like a bicycle pedal bellcrank, so the tighten on as they are pushed further on the shaft removing all play from the joint.

One final note.......These are 3d printed and you are not going to get the same experience/quality from a $600-$1200 unit which is produced from cast and CNC metals. If you need this type of quality, please do not purchase. My designs are to help those on a budget and to create something similar or as close as I can achieve to the real thing. I also want that person to feel great satisfaction and pride in something they have created or produced.

Kind regards,


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