737 FMC is Out!

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Hello All!

After 3 days of building and perhaps a few late modifications, the 3D printed FMC is done and it works amazingly!

The basic design has been complete for months, but getting the 3d printed backlighting to work has nearly driven me to insanity! I literally have buckets of wasted button prints as I tried every solution I could think of.

In the end, settled for resin printed raised text as this worked beautifully. This involved printing them in white, spraying black and then sanding the raised text surface. I used the resin printer for good resolution, but also test it with a filament printer. This is why they are now 4 versions included in the file. Each version is adapted to get the best results. The four versions are:

a) Filament embossed

b) Filament Engraved

c) Resin Embossed

d) Resin Engraved

The engraved wax version looks the best, but does not backlight well! This will be shown in the build video.

The design was also created/split with the Ender 3 print bed size in mind. So there is a split version for this included. If you have a bigger print bed of 300mm x 300mm like the Creality CR10V3, then the single print pieces can be utilised.

There is no PCB! This was created with ease so that you could basically brute force it at home. The tactile switches fit into the base and are held in position by bending the legs until the front plate is attached.

The back of the board supports an Arduino mega and the LCD boards. There are 6 pins leftover which require an additional Arduino connection. There are 69 inputs on the Arduino, and 75 are required for the FMC with a direct connection. This makes using Mobiflight very simple for connection with each button getting assigned its own pin.

The finished article looks like this:

If you are interested in this design and would like to give it a go and help support future builds please visit the two shop designs:

1) STL files only: https://www.737diysim.com/product-page/3d-printed-737-fmc-stl-only

2) STL AND CAD: https://www.737diysim.com/product-page/3d-printed-737-fmc

The Parts, Print and build guide can be found here:


That brings this project to an end. I hope you enjoy this build as much as I did! Kind Regards as always Karl.

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