737 Motorised Throttle Design

I have worked on this project non-stop for a few months now. I knew from day one that was going to be a massive project. Producing something from scratch and life-sized with all the correct operation was going to be challenging. Add to that, something everyone can build from home with a 3d printer that is durable and can take a little heavy handedness!

In the last two weeks, I have completed the main design and managed to get everything to fit in. Last week saw the completion of the RHS body and some operational testing. Once again I'm finding myself treading that fine line between pure 100% aesthetics and the capabilities of PLA printing.

Yesterday I released the build video of how my work is coming along and if you are interested, have a look below:

After Building the first complete prototype, it was a matter of minutes before realising major changes were needed. This is no small feat. To add the simplicity of the build for others, I have created the 3 main bodies. This simplifies the design and builds and also makes it easy to maintain or change a component. Something my other deigns have struggled with due to their small size.

One major flaw in this whole process is Fusion 360, which is my favourite software in the whole wide world! But my gosh! does it know how to bring me to tears at 2/3 am. Fusion appears to have a finite amount of revisions to a design before it just gives up and stops working. This is certainly the case, in this design where I'm in the hundreds of sketches. Now, I have learned to take my 'man up pill' and when fusion refuses to take the design any further, I have to start again from scratch creating a single sketch with all the hundreds of adjustments. This is like losing a day to redoing all the work I had previously carried out. But it makes for instantaneous design once more and Im not waiting on fusion, for 10 minutes while a make a mouse movement it didn't like.

The parts of the V5 motorised throttle are once again on their 4-day prints for the new version. I have removed the servo from the speed brake and replaced it with a stepper motor. In the hope, this will give the speed brake that needed feel. This conversion video can be found here if you fancy a look:

As I was building the throttle, I also noticed that the workshop and camera angles were all wrong, so late on a Thursday evening, I decided to rebuild the workshop and add much-needed lighting!

As much as I have enjoyed this throttle build, it has taken every waking hour just to get this far. I will be glad when this one is done and I can get back to a less dedicated/complex design!

I have been playing with the idea of creating a collective lever and cyclic stick for MSFS2020 as I have access to them and should be able to get them so realistic it's unreal LOL! I decided to go with the AW139 and here is a quick look at the 3d print design so far:

That's all for now guys! Take Care and kind Regards Karl

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