Hello all,

A lot of website users are now asking when the MTU v5 is going to be released. I originally said November, but there have been some major revisions this week. A massive thank you to all my Patreons who have built and tested the unit so far. I think I have seen 7 complete builds now, with one Patreon creating more than one. As soon as this final build is complete and I am happy with it, I will release the unit in the webshop.

Let me explain some of the major changes that have occurred:

1) I have changed the speed brake lever design from the 737-200 to the newer NG version (it's a little cutey!)

2) Most parts now have the part number stamped into them. This should make assembly much easier.

3) The Stepper motor mounts needed to be changed from PLA to PETG or ABS. As they get hot over 6 hours of use. The PLA tends to soften and deform.

Im now busy building, changing or refining the parts for the last build on my behalf. I'm testing the guide, line by line to make sure I understand what I'm trying to say and ensure nothing is missed.

With that said and hopefully a few more days, the first release will be issued. I am also working on the mods to speed the operation up. But finding the right driver and motor combo is proving very difficult due to my location. Not something that would be an issue in the UK.

Thats all for now, Best Wishes Karl

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