737 Motorised Throttle Update

Hello from Brunei!

I have spent too many hours already on this new design for the motorised throttle quadrant, but it's certainly a labour of love and I'm enjoying the process greatly. I have finally managed to start printing the parts to see if my designs will work. I had already created most of the lefthand side, but after forgetting the Parking brake mechanism. I had to fit this whole assembly into a very small space. I wanted it to have:

1) Locking detents for the on and off positions.

2) Manual Off/On

3) Automatic off utilising a servo.

This is what I came up with:

And much to my amazement, the design worked the first time and no adjustments were required. The video shows the servo pushing the parking brake off. The black/blue lever on the right with the spring showing, is a detent feel and the operating microswitch is hidden top left.

Here is what the LHS design on Fusion 360 now looks like:

You can now see, that there are a lot of mechanisms to fit in such a small space. However, I'm really pleased with how this has turned out so far. I won't really know how well this design works until it's all printed and assembled. This is is the point I'm at now. The printers are on the go. These are massive prints! Each main part taking 1-2 days to print.

These are the biggest and flattest parts to date. I hope you notice that there's not even the slightest hint of warping in the part and I'm not using brim!

The printers are really knocking out the smaller parts, each taking around 2 hours to print, so in a day, you can achieve a lot:

Not all things went to plan, after building the number throttle plate, the servo speed brake mechanism didn't work at all and this requires a major revision, but so far the tests are proving to be a much better design. Below is the prototyping and it looks rather ugly, but it was the quickest way to print and test the parts. I just need to make the parts structural and improve the looks.

To finish off here's a sneak peek of the LHS end cap which houses the trim indicator and trim wheels. The microswitch is the auto home for the stepper which will always ensure the indicator reads zero on startup. The trim wheel drive is missing because I forgot to print it and that what I am waiting for right now!

Once the prototype is done and tested, as I really want to make sure there are no weak points and thoroughly use it for a couple of weeks before pushing this design out.

I hope you found this interesting, I will produce some videos of the build once I have a working prototype.

Good Night from this side of the world,

Karl Out.

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