Saitek Throttle Mods

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

It has taken one video and nearly 24 hours of further design. This is where I am at:

This was requested by a Patreon and wasn't too sure what direction I should take. This happened to be my fastest watched video of all time. With that in mind, and I do not need this quadrant, I was unsure if I should develop it further.

I started off designing the brake lever :

This is how the mechanism was designed. This actually took several prints to get it right. it now works really well.

Don't worry about the print quality, during prototyping I have it set on the weakest infill and fastest print to check for dimensions and foul-ups.

I think what we have designed could really help those getting started flying the 737 with a cheap look alike throttle quadrant.

Kind Regards


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