Hello from Brunei,

I have now finished work after a very long week. One of the big questions asked this week, "Will you be making a single control column design?"

Well, I have this going in the background, so I guess YES! This should make for a very simple and cheap 737 Single control Column. As I can only foresee the use of PVC pipe 76-82mm diameter. No need for the metal structure underneath.

The spring provides the centring force from 0-21LBS depending on the expansion. It's a 3" spring that extends to 4.5" at maximum force. The springs force can be set with string or cable attached to the lower end of the spring pulled to the bottom of the PVC pipe and attached at the desired force.

This 737 Single Yoke control head and the Dual control heads will be released for printing tomorrow as most of you have now finished printing the yokes. Having thought about this a lot in the last week, I will also include a more expensive option for me to adjust the design personally to suit your needs, such as the gears the purchase and the shaft diameters you wish to use. In the meantime, the 3d printed gears will work great too.

It's going to be an EPIC weekend hopefully for progressing on all fronts and to get you guys underway too by building along!

Take Care and Kind Regards

Karl & Helen.

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