737 Starter Switch now with dual designs

When I created this design, there has been so much debate on how the switch operates. Does it only have to be pushed into the left, or pushed in to go both left and right. Whoever is right, or which design you prefer, it's now in the same design ready for printing.

737 Starter Switch Modification

737 Starter Switch Original Design

I have included the normal design, and now there is an additional design to print the upper body and actuator rod for centre lock conversion.

Another question I get asked a lot is where I get my 45-degree rotary switches. You can find them here: https://mg.components-store.com/product/C-K/A12505RNZQ.html The price is around 2 USD dollars each.

If you have already purchased the design, send me a chat message with your order number and I will send you the new updated designs. Kind Regards Karl

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