737 Throttle MOD 2

Hello Sim Builders,

After reading various Facebook posts over the weekend. Some builders are mentioning that the potentiometers are spinning in the stems. Without a huge design change, Karl has added grub screws to the stems. All throttle stems have a fixing screw added to help hold the pot shaft.

I also recommend filing a flat in the pot shaft to help the grub screw push against. On a side note, others have said the hole in the stem is printing too small. These variances I think are down to different types of printers, speed and settings. We have not had an issue at our end, but these designs were created to work with our Ender 3 using a 0.4mm nozzle at a slow speed.

If you are finding the hole too small, I would suggest the use of a 6mm drill bit. Please also note that the fusion design file is given with the download. This means you can adjust any part to suit your needs and printer.

These designs are, DIY builds for sim builders that can be produced at home. This limits Karl to what he can achieve using only a 3d printer and the material strength itself. I know a lot of people want

it to look like the real unit which restricts making parts so strong they are ugly.

Please let us know of any flaws or ideas in the design, as this will help all.

Kind Regards


The updated files can be found here or by redownloading the file.

Download ZIP • 1.34MB

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