737 Throttle Updates

Hello Fellow Sim Builders.

This is just a quick catch up from the forums. The 737 Throttle has seen various improvements over the last few weeks which some of you may be missing.

Cable Orifice of the 737 3d Printed Throttle.
Cable Orifice of the 737 3d Printed Throttle.

The first the addition of the USB/cable orifice on the LH Body assy. I did somehow manage to miss this during my build and I had to drill a hole in the body. However, this was quickly corrected to reflect this.

The next update is the correct labelling of the Stab trim decal. I corrected it to read 'CUTOUT' instead of 'OUT'.

Both of these changes can be accessed here for quick printing.

Download ZIP • 209KB

Download ZIP • 1.35MB

Another update I wanted to point out is the wiring diagrams, They now include the trim pots and Arduino micro connections, as well as the Leobodnar:

These can be downloaded here as a PDF for better viewing:

Download PDF • 82KB

Kind Regards


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