757/767 Throttle coming soon

This has been something different for me, away from the 737 and moving onto 757/767 throttle assemblies. I love the simplicity of this design. Just 3 main sections held together by two 6mm tie rods.

Its taken about two weeks to design and get right. This was done while I'm waiting for the 3d printers to finish up on the yokes and control columns.

I don't have time to print all the parts yet or create the build video, but I will ask Helen to put this in the webshop for those that are keen to get started. I am currently creating the parts and components list, print guide and build guide. Just when I thought my work was done, somebody asked for 747 throttle unit. Well, I might aswell, as I think at this rate there is another weeks printing ahead as I make adjustments and the designs simpler for the yokes.

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