April Updates

Hi Guys,

I hope this finds you all well and safe. I am about to start my 3rd week of self isolation here in Brunei. After finishing the last video, I wanted get the website up to date. Many of you have asked for the free plans for the overhead and aft bulkhead. These really do take a serious amount of time to create.

I have to take the 3d CAD design, fusion has the capability to take that design and convert to 2d drawings. There are a few problem areas, especially with the overhead where the drawing views need to be directly on to get the right measurements. And the overhead has so many angles, this means a new view for each part. Couple that with our atrocious internet speed of 0.5Mbs during busy times (ha ha, everyone is home right now using the internet!) and fusion can take forever!

The first update is complete, and that is the centre overhead and all the panels are ready for download. I still have to complete the LHS & RHS overheads, but they are on the way -honest!

Next up was getting all the forward over head panel upload for people to download dimensions or CAD designs. I am still working on uploading the CAD designs to the website. Please bear with me.

The 2nd update that I have accomplished this week is the introduction of my 737 sim wiring diagrams. These are taking a little time to complete, but are ideal not only for you guys to see how I achieved a certain panels wiring, but is also great for me personally in fault finding in the future. Its not only panel wiring on there but also computer and monitor setups.

The final update is the addition of the overhead cabin vents for 3d print. I somehow missed this one and was pointed out by Krystain Rabiej. Thank you.

The last four days, I had to take an unexpected break from the building the sim. My daughter Chloe walked in with a chicken egg she found in the garden. Of course, the egg held a baby chick. It was late hatching after all the chicks by 3 or 4 days. We tried to get the mother (wild chicken) to take it with her other chicks. Unfortunately, she decided to use if for a game of rugby. Chloe dived in and grabbed the little thing. Long story short, We are now the proud owners of a baby chick. In the mean time, I have had to build a chicken coop and hen house to support it as we have stray dogs that roam into our garden twice a day and they have Snappled all the other chicks up. To make sure it isn't lonely, I have to also find it a brother or sister.

I think we return to work also this week, but our children are off until June sometime. I should still hopefully get plenty of sim build time in.

Kind Regards

Karl & Helen

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