August Update

A big hello from Brunei. The situation had changed drastically here within the last week. Brunei had staved off the Covid Pandemic for the last 15 months with sensible quarantine and isolation rules. Even though we were confined pretty much to Brunei Itself, we were all safe and well and free to do as we wish.

A Fully Working Prototype -3d printed 737 Motorised Throttle Quadrant

Last Saturday saw random people become affected, some were traceable and some were not. This has led to the country entering another lockdown and self-isolation once more to try to minimise the final outcome, whatever that might be.

Brunei's Health app which has trace and tracking capability appears to be working very well and gives pretty much live updates on what's happening and the status of the country and individual towns/cities.

As for me, this led to me being stuck at work for long hours, during one of our busiest times for jungle casualty evacuation. This week alone has seen a record number of recoveries requiring our helicopters to go in, find and extract them, usually by hoist while the aircraft hovers above the canopy. We have 4 aircraft here in Brunei, and 2 of them required us to take the engines out of one aircraft and put them into the other aircraft while maintaining the working aircraft. This turned out to be quite a mission for 4 guys over a 5 day period.

With my 7 days of work completed, I now have 7 days to recover and play with various sim projects. The other crew now take over the helm at work which limits cross-contamination and hopefully prevents/limits a mass outbreak within our place of work.

The Boeing 737 motorised throttle prototype is now complete. The design has a few issues which hopefully I will sort this week with the aid of my Patreons. Mainly it is noisy and too slow in the operation of the trim wheels. The design and initial print went exceptionally well and took around 2-3 months. That was utilising every spare moment in the day.

What has taken an incredible amount of time is the build guide. The guide easily took 3 times longer than the creation itself. Rendering all 300 photos of each step in the guide basically took over 300 hours. This was not helped by Fusion 360 constantly crashing every time I clicked render, and this tested my sanity several times over. It's done now and I have had to split the build guide into three sections to try and help increase the load times of the pages. You can check them out in the downloads section of the site. My Patreons are telling me (thankfully) the build guide is working well. As they find faults I will correct them as we go along.

What I have not managed to do, is correct all the faults in the designs the Patreons have found. So over the next week, individual parts will be updated to reflect this, now I have the time. One major request was to have my logo in the design somewhere. I have been meaning to do this for ages, but never actually got around to doing it. This is what we have so far:

Placed discretely so it's not in your face, but it does show where the design came from.

Before the pandemic hit last week, while I was waiting for all the renders and STL files to be created. I found this project on Grabcad that I instantly fell in love with from Bob Wiley/Chris Shakal. It's a High Bypass engine.

So in the background, I have been printing this design, the above photos are not mine and are the creators. I am hours away from finishing printing all the parts and very much looking forward to creating a build video of my experience. With some of the parts already printed, I can see the awesomeness already!

Thats all for now, as I need to get on and actually create something to show you guys!

Take Care Karl.

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