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Bill Nelson's Sim Showcase

Here in Brunei, it's very quiet and safe. We have been receiving photos and emails from people all around the world, showing there builds. These are amazing and have decided to share them with the rest of the sim community. They offer insights on how people have decided to go about there builds, and how they overcome the obstacles they met along the way. Bill Nelson is certainly one person who shows such ingenuity.

Bill Writes:

"This week I put the glass on the sim. I went with polycarbonate here in the US, 1/8". I was planning glass, but this is so much more durable.

I did make a few small changes to your plans. One was I am using a 42" touch screen monitor for the overhead. I bought the IR frame on Amazon and used a 42" Samsung monitor - total cost about $500. I created an aluminium frame edge for it, put it on a piano hinge with a steel cable safety so it cannot fall down onto the centre console.

Another thing I did was to use 2 - 19" touch screens on the MIP on the Captain's side and the centre position (which extends down into the CDU's console). Between those monitors and the overhead, I run AirManager and Zibo mod with ZHSI.