Bodges have consequences!

On Saturday morning, the 737 Motorised throttle for the LHS was nearing completion on the design front and ready for printing trials. I knew these new prints would require a huge amount of PLA. In my preparation, Amazon kindly showed me their 3KG of dark grey PLA at a fantastic price in one of the adverts. I duly purchased several rolls. As some of you may have noticed, Dark Grey PLA has become very difficult to get hold of. They have sat in my workshop unopened for over a month.

As you can imagine, on that Saturday morning after months of design work, I was very keen to get going, but when I came to fit these rolls to the printers. They were way too big to fit the spool holders. I quickly looked around the room and came up with this:

That is indeed, a sweeping Brush, ty-wrapped to a camera tripod to support the 3Kg PLA roll. Happy with such a fast bodge, the printer set off on its merry way. Day 1 passes and all looks good. It has taken a whole day just to print the flat plate of the part. Day 2 comes and goes and Z axis lines start to show. The reel is that heavy, that it judders the whole table as it moves around the brush handle. After 3 days of printing this is the result:

All that horrible squeaking from the reel being forced around started to flex the whole printer frame. It left behind a very rough finish. The printer had never produced a bad part until now. After a few hours in Fusion and in printing and the new design was ready:

Smoother than a babies bum! It just goes to show how all parts of the 3d printer are important to give that good quality finish one expects. Looking back, impatient me, now has to wait another 3 days for a decent print once the second reel holder is produced. This could have all been avoided by taking one step back and doing the job properly from the start.

Still, this part is now produced and it's ready for all the other parts to be assembled for trial purposes and something I am very much looking forward to. Kind regards Karl

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