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Boeing 737 Dual Control Pitch Channel - 3D Printed Design Now Released

Good Morning on this fantastic Sunday here in Brunei. Karl has finally released the Pitch channel design to the 737DIYSIM webshop. We know many of you have completed the roll channel and are awaiting this final piece.

Karl is busy updating the build guide, build video and parts catalogue as I write this article. This brings the Boeing 737 Dual controls to a close. The last part will be the wiring of the complete unit and you have already seen that we have released the Arduini Micro sketch that should help you keep costs down and make it much simpler.

The dual controls have been a massive undertaking, and I have watched Karl relentlessly spend every spare moment on the computer designing these.

Due to the control loads involved, Karl has switched from 3d printed control rods to metal ones. These are not difficult to create, requiring just a hacksaw and drill, but will require you to source 25mm mild steel flat and right-angled stock.

The build, print and parts guide can be found here:

Enjoy guys & Kind Regards