Boeing 737 Sidewall Vent Creation

Last week Simone from Italy got in touch and sent me two close up pictures of the Boeing 737 Sidewall vents. He asked if I could update my design. This time I switched the filming camera on, so you can see how I went about creating the part in Fusion and how I used Cura to slice the design, and then printed it to produce the prototype. The design is interchangeable and can be used without adjustment. The screw holes have been pushed out to mimic the real unit. You can see the old and new design below:

The photos I was sent, show how the aircraft vent looks so you can compare the real item to the new and old design:

If you learning Fusion360 and want to see how I created the part. You can watch the build video below. Im no expert and there are many different ways to carry out the same task. So take it with a pinch of salt and follow along if you are interested.

If the video bores you tears! then you can get the new design STL files here, along with the Fusion360 files:

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