Boeing 737 Throttle Knobs released

Hello Guys, It's been a while since my last post. I have spent hundreds of hours now getting the Build guide, Print Guide and Parts guide ready for the release of the Boeing 737 motorised throttle. You can see this progress here (the page is slow to load due to the hundreds of photos):

While doing this, I have been testing my Creality Resin Printer LD002R. Until recently I have not found a true use for it yet within my sim. That was until I tried to print various parts of the throttle unit with it. The first few attempts were getting the parts to come out with the correct dimensions. I printed a 20mm cube and measured it. I found all the dimensions were 20.4mm. So every object has to be 0.4mm smaller if it needs to fit into a 20mm object.

I have now released the throttle knobs for the motorised unit that is coming. These knobs are a direct replacement for the 3d printed filament ones. They turned out gorgeous and if you have a 3d resin printer I highly recommend this design for your project. Please feel free to download and use these knob designs for your own designs if required.

Unlike the filament printed knobs, these come out silky smooth, they have a great weight to them and a cheap can of spray paint sticks really well to them. Once again the text is raised by 0.4mm from the surface which makes colouring the text really easy.

Because there are no filament layer lines, the permanent black marker pen does not run into the filament joints due to capillary action, this leaves a perfect finish.

The left Knob is 3d filament printed, the right is Resin printed.

After the knobs, I printed a whole speed brake handle. This too came out amazing and is probably the biggest thing I can fit in the unit.

If you would like to download either of these STL's for free, please click here:

Kind Regards Karl

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