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Boeing 737 V3.4 Throttle Mods!

Boeing 737 Throttle Quadrant V3.4
Boeing 737 Throttle Quadrant V3.4

I really wasn't going to spend any more time on this version of the Boeing 737 throttle design. I am working hard with the EFIS design, FMC design and the new V4 motorised throttle quadrant. I must admit, these mods vastly improve the aesthetics and operation of the unit. There has always been an underlying problem with the V3 throttle. It was still based around the v2 saitek unit. This means I was very limited by internal space and it was also designed specifically to fit on the Ender 3 print bed. This is where the 737 MAX and 757/767 throttle are a much better design. They were built from the ground up. With that said, let me show you the v3.4 Mods, They are:

1) Anti rock shim for the throttle handles

2) Increased thickness of the throttle backplates

3) A raised base for the Trim wheel mods for table mounting.

The Antirock shims for the throttle lever arms came as a bit of a surprise to me. I had already increased the thickness of the throttle backplates and this fixed movement in the upper handle area. The throttle bracket was created with a large rub head to prevent sideways movement of the throttle levers. On closer inspection, the PLA was bending or giving way internally. That created the need for these additional antirock shims, that fit into the track.

The biggest request of all time has been the addition of the base. I just assumed people would create their own from wood rather than want to spend a day waiting for a printer to create it. However, I also enjoy sitting back and letting the 3d printer do all the hard work, as do so many of you, it seems!

You can see from my build photos that the general look is greatly improved by bringing the handles closer together, and thus increasing the rigidity of the levers.

These require no additional parts, just some PLA, a bit of time and some additional screws.

I have also created a Youtube video of the design process and build:

And of course, the most important thing! If you have made it this far down the article you will want the download files:

v3.4 Throttle Mods
Download ZIP • 1.71MB

This was in all honesty, a fun side project away from the current design frustrations of my other projects. Let me know what you think? All the best and Kind Regards Karl & Helen.

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