This has been one of my hardest designs yet, but very excited to show you this latest iteration. The problem with these yokes and the design is that there are so many complex (compound) curves. By this, I mean curves that alter the direction in 3 different planes. I can usually nail any design with a curve that changes in two directions, but this design has meant I have met my match. It's by all means still not perfect, but it's now a design I am now very happy to publish and feels great in my hands. Say hello to the 3D printed Boeing 737 Yoke V5.

Boeing 737 yoke 3d printed front view
Boeing 737 Yoke by 737DIYSIM

This has taken hundreds of revisions to get it to this stage. The unit is built in three main parts which slot together. I printed the originals at 20% infill, the problem I soon realised is that it felt like plastic and light. If you are going to print these, perhaps trial them at 20%, but for a solid heavy feel, I recommend 100% infill. This is going to take over 3 days though!

Looking down on the yoke, I have managed to smooth out the harsh lines and incorporate the forward angles of the handles. I also raised the text so its easier to highlight with a paint pen.

Boeing 737 yoke 3d printed
Boeing 737 yoke Top View

The internals has been designed and tested so that the mic switch works well as a rocker switch. the autopilot pushbutton is incorporated and the trim switches work and fit perfectly using mini momentary toggle switches.

Boeing 737 Yoke - 3d printed by 737DIYSIM
Boeing 737 Yoke - Working Internals

There are also internal cutouts for all the cabling to pass through. The above photo shows the top plate removed to gain easy maintenance access to all the important parts.

I will release these designs when the full dual controls are completed. As these yokes are designed to fit onto the 3d printed control heads. Please bear with me while I finish testing and prototyping the rest of the control system.

Kind Regards Karl

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