If you have been following along to the build so far, The most challenging part of building the sim, is the windows. They lean this way and that way, they bend here, and there. To be honest, getting a good looking atheistic finish is actually quite hard. But as this is version 3 of the sim already and I actually still don't know if all this work, is going to pay off, stress (self induced) is piling up. Its all about that bloody front window to side window join while keeping the true to life dimensions. Lets be honest, I have actually never been able to measure anything in a 737 and I really rely on friends who do (especially Donald McDonald, Big shout out to him, who has never once said anything but yes). They must be so bored of me asking for this and that. Send me a picture of this, Measure this item!

So today, I stopped building the side windows (seriously what's the point! - if there not going to work). Ditched the windows and started to build the lower sidewall assemblies that they sit on. (Why? because unlike other 737 designs, I have tiled the quarter sill like the real aircraft. It is no longer parallel to the floor) I needed to roughly build these to see if that infamous joint between front and side windows was going to work! Well take a look at the photos!

(PS theres a big hole below the forward side window because its not finished! I just wanted to make sure all the angles meet. And guess what? They Do! - BOOM!)

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