Can You Guess what I'm Building!

2 hrs in, its lunch time and here's where we are at. The build is going exceptionally well. All that cutting MDF yesterday has really paid off. Its just like lego now. Look at my fusion 360 plans, pick the part and assemble. For those of you that know me, you will know that I am rather impatient and like things to move along at a hundred miles an hour. But over the years, I have gotten older (much older lol) and things don't happen as quickly. However, I am finding this new slower pace, brings precision and beauty in a build. Now that's something I really cared about in my youth. I was more a bodge it, that will do type of guy. Now, I follow plans, set the angles to tables saws and circular saws using a digital gauge. This has truly amazed me. How you can cut some very complex angles and 60 different pieces of wood, label them and on assembly, they all fit perfectly. Not once today, did I have to fudge a dimension or redo a piece. BOOM, GET IN!

737 Sidewalls, The start of version 3
737 Sidewalls, The start of version 3

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