Cessna Trim Wheel - New Product

I created this design some time ago and have been using it non stop on my smaller sim. I never actually got around to putting it up for download, until Allan requested it again and I believe it was him that got me to make the design originally back in July last year. This is a self-contained unit featuring a single potentiometer connected to the trim wheel and position indicator driven by the spur gear train.

When this was initially requested, it took some thinking about how to connect the different components so they all were connected at the right ratios. For example, the main trim wheel rotates exactly 5 times from all the up to all the down. The pot only has a 270-degree rotation so getting the gearing right was essential. Then came along the flap indicator which moves 90 degrees for the full 5 rotations of the trim wheel.

Cessna Manual trim Wheel and indicator 3d Printed.
Cessna manual trim wheel and indicator.

The trim wheel was a little difficult to print due to all the support material, and it takes a little while to clear out. I printed the trim wheel horizontally on the bed, but I think it would be worth printing it vertically on a raft for extra adhesion. After that, I printed them in resin and they came out stunning!

I will get around to making this motorised when I get the chance. For now, it does the job perfectly and you can trim the aircraft very accurately and quickly over the electric trim in the sim.

The product can be found here:


With the parts and build guide found here:


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