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Changing the way designs work

Hi fellow sim builders, I have spent the whole day updating the website. I am now longer going to include the build guides when you purchase a design. Instead, the design instructions, parts guide and other tips will be online direct.

(It's in progress! some of the designs haven't been created yet! The 737 Throttle V3 is now live)

This idea allows me to make only one change for every error and for everyone to receive it instantly. This should make my workflow much simpler. So each part will now have a direct eBay link to the exact ones I used.

The other big change to my designs will be the removal of 3d printed threads. Instead of trying to print them which always seems to fail unless they are bigger than m6. So for example when creating an M3 hole, instead of trying to replicate the tread, I will make the hole 2.7mm in diameter. This seems to allow the screws to grip correctly. If you have a tap this will help too.

Take care guys, I'm off to see how the new yoke is printing.


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