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Last night Helen released the design for the Boeing 737 Yoke checklist. In just a few hours Willi from Germany had produced the item and had taken photos to show me. This is the ultimate reward for me. To see people build my design is an absolute honour and a privilege.

737DIYSIM design for a 3d printed Boeing 737 adjustable Yoke Checklist
Willi from Germany has created the first 3d printed Yoke Checklist

Please remember, constructive feedback! Good or bad is always welcome. The idea is to make it better for everyone. If you have an idea that might work better, let us know. With 3d printing, I have to strike a balance. This balance is between realistic aesthetics of the part and the strength restraints of PLA/ABS itself and its printing capability. The whole reason why I include the Fusion360/CAD design is for those with CNC or laser machines that can create these parts from metal or acrylic. As a bonus, it allows you the option to take my design and edit the design to suit your needs.

737DIYSIM design for the yoke checklist in the extended/angled position.
Willi's Boeing 737 Yoke checklist in the extended position

I am very pleased with how the Single Boeing 737 yoke is turning out, and I really hope this will allow simmers to build a realistic unit at home very cheaply.

I really can not believe when I awoke this morning how many people had downloaded the file from the shop, nearly 5 times the amount of people who have actually downloaded the Yoke design itself. So I can only imagine this is being adapted to fit other yoke builds. How cool is that!

Im (Karl) now back in the helm and trying to get the 757/767 files uploaded to take the design in the shop from prototype to full design. More to come later, hopefully.

If you have any photos of the yoke builds, send them my way. I would love to see what you have come up with and how you have finished them.

Happy Building Guys,

Karl & Helen.

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