Creating Dual Rotary Switches & Encoders

Good Evening From Brunei

Many of you have asked how I achieved the dual Rotary switch and encoder setup in the EFIS Units. Fusion doesn't seem to be doing this justice. I have redesigned the EFIS hopefully to help and added the modifications that were added since I created the prototypes.

This picture hopefully helps explain a little better,

1) a 1.2mm hole is drilled through the rotary switch (gently & slowly right through the centreline)

2) The encode shaft is cut down and drilled to 0.8mm

3) A tap is used to create a thread in the encoder (1.0mm)

4) A 1.0mm rod is threaded with a die at each end

5) The Threaded rod is screwed into the encoder

6) The Encoder and the threaded rod is then inserted through the rotary switch

7) The larger knob is pushed onto the rotary switch

8) In this case the CTR button is threaded on the end of the rod to allow push-button operation. In the upper the EFIS knobs, the smaller knob is screwed on the rod. Allowing a gap for button operation when pushed in.

For a video build of these dual operation units, please see Building Joes MCP. At the 3:07 mark, I show you how to achieve this.

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