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Creating Dual Rotary Switches & Encoders

Good Evening From Brunei

Many of you have asked how I achieved the dual Rotary switch and encoder setup in the EFIS Units. Fusion doesn't seem to be doing this justice. I have redesigned the EFIS hopefully to help and added the modifications that were added since I created the prototypes.

This picture hopefully helps explain a little better,

1) a 1.2mm hole is drilled through the rotary switch (gently & slowly right through the centreline)

2) The encode shaft is cut down and drilled to 0.8mm

3) A tap is used to create a thread in the encoder (1.0mm)

4) A 1.0mm rod is threaded with a die at each end

5) The Threaded rod is screwed into the encoder

6) The Encoder and the threaded rod is then inserted through the rotary switch