Day 23 Alone

Yesterday felt like a really long slog! Up at 5am, worked until 2000hrs without a break. Morale was pretty low to be honest. Just cutting shape after shape, but not seeing the results. Covered in crap!

BUT Today!!!!!!

Feeling super excited! It's taken all weekend to make the Right hand upper roof! But BOOM! I think this might turn out ok. You cant see what i have planned in my head for this build, but once the frame is complete, the detailing can be added! That should give it that wow factor. Now to make the Left hand side, going at mach 10. What you can see are the two window plugs and the third hole is the spare bulbs holder (Missing it's cover) now to take it all apart, glue, sand, more sand, fill, sand and then shape, complete with round overs. There's just not enough hours in a day!

A big Thank you guys ,for all the kind comments and likes. It really helps me along and im now sat at the computer ready to give back by updating and publishing the plans!

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