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Does MSFS 2020 fully work in my Boeing 737 Sim?

Since releasing the video of us flying the sim with MSFS2020, I get lots of questions about it. Instead of answering the same question over and over to different people, I will write it here for everyone to read if you are interested.

I can say after two full days of pretty much non stop flying, Prosim 737 is in another class of its own, its quite literally awesome in every aspect! (It's also very very expensive). Prosim allows the cockpit builder to achieve there desired build in so many different ways. It also allows you to interface many types of hardware. It's this uniqueness that has allowed Prosim to get the 737 into MSFS2020. If you want a display screen on another computer or monitor, it just works with a few clicks of a button.

Im guessing Prosim runs all the logic for the aircraft and they supply the flight model, MSFS is just used to display the graphics and flight characteristics and Prosim is doing the rest. Every system appears to be working, every switch operational (that we have tested). This is where we are actually very luckily in that all our interfacing is done with Mobiflight and FSUIPC offsets. So we are not necessarily using the offsets to read from the sim, but to use the offset data to communicate between the hardware and Prosim server.