Dual Control Pitch Lane Design Now Completed

Merry Christmas Everyone! Despite being extremely busy this week, I have been slowly designing the pitch lane for the Boeing 737 dual controls. This sounds simple, but there are some serious constraints here. The forces are huge due to the leverage of the Yoke column. I could have made these parts on the CNC from wood. But that would count out 90% of people who visit this site. So the parts have to be 3D Printed. The other major constraint is space. To get extra leverage, I have extended the counter lever below the floor into the space taken by the castors. It gives me a further 2" of the lever and reduces the force required to balance the controls.

Boeing 737 Pitch Lane Design, 3d printed STL
Boeing 737 Dual Controls Pitch Lane

This first version I created was too compact and didn't allow for any adjustment. I was also apprehensive about the extreme forces acting on the parts. This was ditched after weeks of design and redesign.

3d printed Boeing 737 pitch lane
Failed Version 1 of the Boeing 737 Pitch Lane

I then realised by turning the whole unit through 90 degrees, allowed the unit to be much bigger. Also moving the operating tongues back past the pivot point allowed for much bigger operating levers and finally putting the trim on the opposite side allowed for a less busy design. Check out the photos below:

Boeing 737 pitch lane centering unit STL
Boeing 737 Pitch Lane Centering unit with trim unit
Boeing 737 Pitch & Roll Lanes - 3d printed STL by 737diysim
Boeing 737 Pitch & Roll Lanes - 3d printed STL

I know a lot of you are asking for the final version, please be patient. This takes a while to print, adjust for any errors and test. Even though it is Christmas, we are still working hard at this end, to get you up and running!

Have a fantastic time and hopefully we will have more updates soon!

Kind Regards


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