Dual Controls Centering Shaft

Hello Fellow Sim Builders,

Paul Moss got in touch while I was at work today and mentioned to me, that creating an STL file for the shaft was a bit of a nightmare.

Boeing 737 Dual Controls by 737DIYSIM
Boeing 737 Roll Centering CAM STL

After reviewing the file, I can see why. Each of the lugs was created as an individual component. This was done initially so I could easily move them around and find the best position for all of them. So selecting the shaft would only select the shaft and not the lugs.

The second problem was that the bearings and hardware were in the file.

I have gotten around this problem, by updating the design, merging all the parts and removing the hardware. The actual base design is now updated. You will see two versions of the shaft. This later version at the bottom is the merged unit, and the older version is hidden in the centring mech. This is in case anybody wants to adjust the cam positions.

The newly created file can be found in the updated design files or downloaded directly here:

Boeing 737 Centering Shaft
Download ZIP • 515KB

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