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Dual Yoke Control Update

Hello, fellow sim builders on this great sunny day here in Brunei. Im up early before I start my shift at work to try and catch up. I can now say that I'm very happy with the dual control setup in the respect to roll/aileron setup. This has been nearly 3 months in the making. This includes the yokes and control heads too. So many revisions to the control system centring mechanism. I wanted it to be compact, It must fit under the floor (6" Depth), be adjustable and quiet. Last night saw the final prints completed of the Hall effect sensor to the unit and test trials completed. This is exactly what the controls look like now:

Boeing 737 dual control columns & yokes. 3d printed.
Boeing 737 Dual Control Yokes and column mainly 3d printed

The good news that I was able to simplify the lever and cam system. If anything I think the force now required to turn the yokes might be a little much. But I will wait and see what others think. The Hall sensor fits in the bearing housing and reports the position of the yoke roll channel to the Arduino/Leo Bodnar interface card.

The Centering unit now looks like this:

Boeing 737 Dual Control Yokes and Column Centering unit, 3d printed
Boeing 737 Centering & position feedback unit, 3d Printed

It's fantastic to finally say it works as intended! It's also now a design I am happy to share once the pitch axis is sorted. In the meantime, I have just published the build guide so far. You will need to construct the metal frame or get someone/company to produce it for you. There are certain parts you will also need to print or purchase to achieve the final item. They can also be found on this page. As the design develops you will find more information added to these pages as we go along. They can be found here: