Ender 3, 0.4mm Nozzle - My best settings Yet

A few weeks ago I took a day away from the sim to try and improve my prints. I watched so many Youtube videos and re-read all my comments from my videos on 3d printing. What I ended up with was something that surprised me and I really want to share.

Let's start with the glass bed and getting prints to stick. If you watch Ivan Miranda on youtube and see his 3 ft and bigger printers. This guy does not suffer from warping. I watched his 3d printing video in full and this is what I learned:

Turn your Ender 3 glass Plate over so it's smooth side up.

Wash the glass plate, with washing up liquid and then don't touch it with your fingers. The oils from your skin affect the adhesion.

Over the last 3 weeks, I have not had a single print fail or warp! I am now printing massive parts without a brim.

The next part I want to talk about is bed temp for PLA. I always used 70 degrees. After watching several videos explaining thermal contraction, I now only print the initial layer at 70 degrees and 60 degrees thereafter.

I have forgotten the name of the person who I need to thank for this next tip about printing speed. It's awesome....Slow the wall, top & bottom speeds down, But keep the infill & support speeds high! This reduces the time to print massively.

Another great tip I received was to use experimental conical support. This reduces Pla for supports and also reduces print time. If you fancy trying out these new settings. You can find them here:

Download ZIP • 721B

Give them a go and see what you think! It's certainly a good starting point and will get you prints that are very good. Normally I just change the infill amount.

Hope that helps! Kind regards Karl

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