FMC button Update

This has been a bit of a dilemma recently, I would say it's 50/50 with people saying the button bases are too big with the remainder saying they are too small. I have just ordered 1000 buttons from my own link to see what happens when they arrive. If they have changed, I will change the design for the button bases. (sigh, but these tactile buttons I use everywhere as they are so handy!)

From the general feedback from the forum, I think we are dealing with two different led tactile button types. About a week ago, I redesigned the upper base to be stronger and fit the smaller buttons better. All 8 people have now reported back and said these are much better and are a go for general issue.

The button base STL can be downloaded here:

Download ZIP • 223KB

If you need these please download and trial. Let me know how they go in the comments or in the forum. The base file zip version is now: v10.

Kind Regards Karl

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